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Coming Soon: The Bible Teacher's Playbook is a free, 7-Day email course for anyone who desires to skillfully teach the Bible to small groups in your local church (even if you're just getting started):


Learn essential skills and best practices for teaching God's Word

unlock your potential as a Bible teacher for those in your church

Maximize your impact in the lives of those God calls you to lead

STREAMLINE the 6 stages of the teaching process with excellence

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YOUR skills





Teaching the Bible in your local church is a privilege and a blessing, but it's also a much bigger responsibility than most people realize.

Is this you?

"My People cAN bE challenging"

It can be hard to effectively teach when certain personalities dominate the room

"I spend too much time preparing"

Creating your content shouldn't take as much time as it currently does

"I wish my Teaching slides looked better"

You look at your slides and you don't love them, but you're a teacher, not a designer

"Keeping Everyone's attention is Hard"

Delivering your content while also managing time, questions, & the room dynamic is a lot

"am I even growing or improving at all?"

From the snide remark to the highest praise, teachers hear it all. But how am I really?

"IT fEELS LIKE it's all on My Shoulders"

How nice would it be to build up a team of teachers so it's not all on just you?

We Get it.

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Here's how we can help

You Can Learn the Bible equips small group Bible teachers to fulfill their ministry to their local church using The Bible Teacher's Success Path.

what we recommend:


Learn the Essentials of Bible teaching success

Start with our free email course for Bible students, The Bible Teacher's Playbook, which unpacks all the essential elements of teaching God's Word in the local church

Teaching PODCAST

Get Insights and Best Practices for tEACHING

Coming Soon! The You Can Teach the Bible Podcast will equip local church Bible teachers with teaching tips, perspectives and even interviews from other Bible teachers like you


Accelerate YOur growth in community

When you are ready, the You Can Learn the Bible Academy is here to equip, encourage, and support you. Join other passionate Bible teachers and students in our private online community

Getting started is Easy.

No matter where you are right now, you can learn the Bible. These simple steps will help take you to the next step on your journey.

The Bible Teacher's Playbook Poster Image

The Bible Teacher’s Playbook gives you an essential foundation for teaching the Bible in your local church, (regardless of your current skill or background), to help you build up others in God's Word.


Learn the Fundamentals with the email course


How to Cultivate a Healthy Bible Teaching Environment

How to Research, Organize and Build a Teaching Plan

How to Create a Sermon-Ready Teaching Outline or Visual Slides

How to Deliver Your Message to an Audience With Excellence

How to Continually Reflect and Improve as a Communicator

How to Help and Mentor Others to Grow as Bible Teachers

Tools & Software: Our Very Favorite Bible Teacher Resources


Sharpen your Skills through the Podcast

Later in 2024 we will be releasing Word & Spirit: A Podcast for Bible Teachers. This podcast is dedicated to equipping Bible teachers to cultivate a dynamic partnership with the Holy Spirit while maintaining a text-centered approach to teaching God's Word.

Our mission is to empower you with practical skills for teaching and study, while also preparing you for an effective life in ministry.
We aim to provide the tools, guidance, and inspiration necessary for you to thrive as a Bible teacher, embracing both the spiritual and practical dimensions of your calling.

You Can Teach the Biblle Podcast

Sharpen your Teaching skILLS inside the academy

Besides all the Academy benefits listed on the Bible Skills Page, there are a number of ways we seek to help Bible teachers communicate God's Word more effectively.

Teaching Series

Let's plan out your upcoming series, specific message topics, and Bible passages for your small group class

Topic & Content

Let's workshop your main idea, supporting points, discussion topics, and teaching resources together

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Visual Slide

Using slides? Let's put together a clean, effective slide deck that compliments your teaching style and engages your members

Sermon Feedback
& coaching

Want to get feedback on your teaching? Send us a recording and let's walk through it together to make you even sharper

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There are no words to describe how much of a blessing this study has been to me. I used to preach the word, I grew to be a little insecure about my knowledge of the Bible.  After watching/studying these videos, I now feel more confident when reading the Bible or when talking about it.
Emmanuel Molinar Photo

Emmanuel Molinar

YouTube Subscriber

How it works:

the BIble teacher's success path
(6 essential areas)

We asked ourselves: "What are the essential things someone would need in order to teach the Bible in their local church with excellence?”

The Bible Teacher's Success Path was our answer.

Develop a Healthy ministry culture & expectations


How do I establish wise and appropriate boundaries and God-honoring norms within my ministry? How do I create a safe learning environment where my people feel seen and valued?

Research, Organize, and Build a SOLID teaching Plan

AREA: Preparation

How do I plan out a teaching series well? How can find the best resources to draw from? How do I best organize everything into something I can teach in a way my people can understand?

Create a Sermon-ready outline or presentation


How can I create an outline that is easy to follow while teaching? How do I create visually-engaging slides that enhance and support my message? How can I create these in less time?

Deliver a world-class message to your small group

AREA: Teaching

How can I learn to guide and direct the group well? How can I get through my content but also be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit? How can I make the most of different teaching formats?


AREA 5: Review

How can I best reflect on my teaching, processing what I did well and what could be improved? How can I keep improving without becoming either too discouraged or too conceited? How can I know I am growing at a healthy rate?

Mentor & raise up others to teach God's Word

AREA 6: Discipleship

How do I know if someone in my ministry is also called to teach? How can I wisely raise up others to teach alongside me? How can I scale my ministry at the right pace?

If you are called to teach,
we are here to help

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What's included with Academy membership?

Everything. Seriously! Your Academy membership is your all-access pass all Courses, Workshops, Live Events, and Community Discussions. Members get early access to Podcast Episodes before they get released, post new  discussion topics in the community, and submit topics for future Live Workshops.

Do you sell workshops individually?

We are in the midst of setting up an online store for one-off purchases of Bible workshops and resources. It's not quite ready yet, but it's coming soon.

Do I have to be a professing Christian to join?

Most members of the Academy will likey be committed followers of Christ, but we don't have any faith requirements for membership. Anyone is free to join and remain as long as they abide by our code of conduct. If you are seeking to learn the Bible, but don't consider yourself a Christian, you are welcome to join (and we would love to have you!).

Will my Membership price ever go up?

For those on the annual plan, you lock in your rate for life as long as you keep your membership in good standing. When the Academy price goes up in the future, your price stays the same. For those on the quarterly plan, everyone pays the current rate, regardless of how long your membership has been active.

Is the Academy always open to join?

Yes! Our doors are always open, but the price will continue to rise as the value of the Academy goes up. The more workshops, courses and resources we offer, the more the price will go up, but anyone can join at any time

What tools and platforms does the Academy run on?

The Academy runs on Circle, the gold standard platform for online communities today. You can access it through a web browser by logging in on the You Can Learn the Bible homepage or through the Circle iOS or Android App.

are you ready?

Let's take your Bible skills to the next level.

i am thrilled to help you become a better bible teacher.

My name is Bodie Quirk. I was a Teaching Pastor at my church for over 20 years before stepping down to focus on building You Can Learn the Bible full time.

I did not grow up reading the Bible.

I came to faith in Christ during college and knew basically nothing about the Bible. I read. I studied. I went to countless home Bible Studies. I couldn't get enough.

As my love and knowledge of God's Word began to grow, so did my desire to share it with others. There was nothing I loved more than teaching God's Word, and even though I went to seminary, I had to learn how to teach the Bible within my church by doing it.

There is so much I am excited to share with you. I want you to profit from my 20 years of Bible teaching so you can make the most of the ministry that God has called you to lead.

Hope to see you inside the Academy!

Bodie Quirk sitting in front of a lovely wall


Bodie has received some encouraging feedback about his Bible teaching, both from people he taught at his church, as well as those who found him on YouTube.

Your teaching has been extremely helpful for me! Since I discovered your YouTube channel, my Bible study has plunged to new depths, soared to new heights, and surged to new breadths. Thank you so much!
Teresa Tarver

Teresa Tarver

Cypress, TX

Pastor Bodie is well educated and informative without being pretentious. I love his down-to-earth ability to teach the word. He brings the pages of the Bible to life.
Bob Lilley

Bob Lilley

Anaheim, CA

These videos are awesome!  I homeschool and your videos have added so much to our class. Since we are trying to keep up with a timeline, we love how you use a timeline in the videos. Just wanted to thank you!!!!!
Carrie Knight

Carrie Knight

YouTube Subscriber "Good Knight Dachshunds"

Bodie has helped bring clarity and fresh perspective to my understanding of Biblical theology: Seeing the Bible as the integrated vibrant beautiful living Word of God.
Gino Natividad

Gino Natividad

Orange, CA

Thank for what you are doing. You are making this easy to understand for someone new to the faith, or need to get consistently into the word. You stay on point, make it exciting to go the next phase of understanding. God bless you!
YouTube Icon

Gordon Bowler

YouTube Subscriber

Simple and very organized technique of teaching. He teaches in plain English and makes it easier to understand. My highest recommendation. It's so much easier to learn and apply the scriptures through Pastor Bodie's style of teaching.
Kevin Holmdahl

Kevin Holmdahl

Irvine, CA

He combines the right amount of cross referencing, depth and passion to motivate attentiveness and the desire to learn. He works to leave no one behind. He loops back to his main points enough so the main message is not lost in the details.
David Natividad

David Natividad

Orange, CA

He is prepared, enthusiastic, and down to earth. He’s like your favorite teacher. But instead of learning math, English, or science you are learning the wonder and mystery of God’s Word.
Mark Stark

Mark Stark

Orange, CA

Bodie gives insight into the cultural context of the passages we are studying. This helps things to come alive and make more sense. His respect for and excitement about what he's teaching is evident and contagious.
Kristen Duran

Kristen Duran

Orange, CA

Ready when you are.

When you are ready to take your Bible teaching to the next level, we are here to help you get there.

No more feeling Overwhelmed

No More Doing this all By yourself

no more Hours and HOURS OF pREP

nO moRE Wondering if it is worth it

Let's Partner tOGETHER on your journey


Let's Accelerate YOur progress and Skills

Let's See Others Become Disciples of Jesus

Start the
Email course

7-Day Sequence of Emails that walks you the foundations of studying the Bible well

to the Podcast

Coming Soon! Get insights and best practices for local church Bible teaching

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