Come deepen Your Bible Skills with Us

The You Can Learn the Bible Academy is a private, online community that teaches you the fundamentals of Bible study to help you accelerate your growth, and deepen your joy.

Build a Solid

Sharpen Your
BiblE skILLS


Your Progress

Where do you even begin?

The Bible is magnificent.
But there sure is a lot to take in:

66 books.
3 Original Languages.
40 Authors. Thousands of Pages.
Law. History. Wisdom. Prophecy. Gospel. Epistles.
Difficult Names. Unfamiliar Locations. Complex Events.
Kingdoms. Dynasties. Prophets. Temples. People Groups.
Genres. Laws. Translations. Cultures. Leaders. Customs.



You may be familiar with the Bible, but that doesn't mean you feel confident in understanding it. Though you love God's Word, your Bible skills are not yet where you want them.

Are you feeling stuck?

"Why am I not growing? Why don't I know this better by now? Is there something wrong with me?"

Confused and overwhelmed?

"I wish I knew what all of these books, names, places and events mean, but I just don't."


"I've been around the Bible for far too long to know this little. It's embarrassing. Yet, what do I do?"

Two women talking at Bible Study
Blank Journal on a Wooden Table


People stay stuck for years, not because they can't understand the Bible, but because they haven't been taught the essentials. Once you learn the fundamentals of Bible Study, your growth (and joy) will soar.

We've all been there

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the Bible, you are in good company! We've all felt that way.

There is a better way

No more aimless reading. It's time to approach Bible Study in a whole new way (that you will love).


When you start to really understand the Bible, it unlocks an entirely new level of joy for you.


the You Can Learn the Bible Academy

More than a sermon

Not Quite a Seminary

The You Can Learn the Bible Academy is an online Bible Study community dedicated to teaching you the fundamentals of Bible Study, and accelerating your growth.

(but, you know, but without the seminary)


Get the personal, focused training you need to equip yourself and others in knowing God's Word


Strengthen your skills by learning the most important themes and ideas right from the beginning


Learn how to study and apply the text yourself so you aren't tied to anyone else for your growth


Access training and support whenever you need, and from wherever you are in the world

Bible on Wood Table

a Community. A Journey.
a Guide. A Plan.

wE gOT yOU

If you can learn the essentials, you can learn the Bible. That is what the Academy exists to do, regardless of where you are starting from.

The Bible Study Success Path is our journey through the 5 essential areas of the Academy: Skills, Story, Context, Jesus, and Identity to give you foundational Bible training you have been looking for.

The Bible Study Success Path


Gain the Proper Tools and Mindset for Learning


Connect the Major Events in the Biblical Narrative


Know How to Study Each Book with Excellence

4. jesus

Behold the Savior and Centerpiece of All

5. identity

Unite Your Life to the Savior and to the Story


5 Academy Areas. 5 Focused Cohorts. Each cohort walks you through the essentials of a particular area step-by-step to give you what you need at a pace that works for you.

Skills Bible Study Fundamentals:
Master the Foundations of Bible Study in 4 Weeks

Story Bible Timeline Accelerator:
Master the Complete Story of the Bible in 4 Weeks

Context Better Bible Reading:
Master the Fundamentals of Biblical Interpretation in 4 Weeks

Jesus None Like Him:
Master the Essentials of Jesus' Life, Ministry, & Impact in 4 Weeks

Identity United with Christ:
Master the Foundations of Life With Jesus in 4 Weeks

Bible Academy Screenshot

Resources. Training. Encouragement. Yup.

It's more than just cohorts. It's all the tools you need to help you stay on track, whenever and wherever you are. The You Can Learn the Bible Academy membership includes:


Bodie's complete teaching library will be recorded and archived in the Academy Course Library

Community diSCUSSIONS

Ask for help. Offer some help. Post, respond, discuss, connect.  Questions help us all grow here

sPECIAL lIVE Training

Between cohorts, we will do special training on community-chosen topics that help us all grow together


Each week, we get together to discuss what’s on our hearts and minds, encouraging and helping one another on our journeys


We are small by design

We don't want to be the biggest online Bible community, we aim to be the best. By capping our membership at 250, we ensure that our community remains engaged and focused on growing together.

Founding Members secure their spot, and lock in the best price. Those who join after the Founding Member launch will pay an increased rate.

As of June 26, 2023 8:00am PST
24% FULL
Join now and get the best experience
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1 Founding Membership
2 payment options

Annual Membership Only. Pay yearly or quarterly.

Early Access to All Content
Strengthen Your Bible Skills
Be Among the First Members
Help Shape the Academy Direction
Be Part of an Engaged Community
Deepen Your Faith and Knowledge
Pay just once per year and you're done
Early Access to All Content
Strengthen Your Bible Skills
Be Among the First Members
Help Shape the Academy Direction
Be Part of an Engaged Community
Deepen Your Faith and Knowledge
Pay 4 smaller payments across the year

Small investment. Big Value.

Sermons are free. Seminaries can be expensive.
The You Can Learn the Bible Academy fits perfectly between two, providing online Bible training at a fraction of the cost of online seminary programs.

Biola University
6 Credits (Part Time)
at $425 Per Academic Credit
$2550 per semester x 2
= $5,100 per year (2023)
Concordia University
6 Credits (Part Time)
at $495 Per Academic Credit
$2970 per semester x 2
= $5940 per year (2023)
You Can Learn the Bible
Founding Member Price
Only available during Founding Member Launch
Compare features
Cares about your Spiritual and Academic Growth
Provides Solid Biblical Foundation
Offers a Supportive Learning Community
Available Completely Online
Guarantees Fixed Price Forever
You Help Shape Curriculum & Direction
No Testing or Papers to Turn In
Access to All Courses & Cohorts
Free 1:1 Call with Founder
Receives Accredited College Degree

sEE WHAT OTHERS are saying

Bodie invited some friends from his church to join a pilot group for the You Can Learn the Bible Academy. Here's what they had to say:

Bodie has developed the tools and an easy way to help me better understand the Bible in terms of context, history and application for my life.
Brigitte Holmdahl

Brigitte Holmdahl

Irvine, CA

Bodie has an incredible knack for breaking down books of the Bible and organizing the content into a very clear structure that makes learning incredibly successful and rewarding. I cannot recommend enough!
Hailey Phillipps

Hailey Phillipps

Trabuco Hills, CA

This Academy is teaching me how to simplify reading the Bible and continue to learn about God's faithfulness to us.
Haffiza Allen

Haffiza Allen

Orange, CA

He combines the right amount of cross referencing, depth and passion to motivate attentiveness and the desire to learn. He works to leave no one behind. He loops back to his main points enough so the main message is not lost in the details.
David Natividad

David Natividad

Orange, CA

Bodie has helped bring clarity and fresh perspective to my understanding of Biblical theology: Seeing the Bible as the integrated vibrant beautiful living Word of God.
Gino Natividad

Gino Natividad

Orange, CA

Bodie's knowledge of scripture, enthusiasm and energy are inspiring and instills a desire to learn more.
Stephanie Makarewicz Headshot

Stephanie Makarewicz

Irvine, CA


Join others on a 4-Week focused sprint through an essential topic or area of Bible study


Ask and answer questions with others who are seeking to learn the Bible along with you


Access Bodie's teaching archive (in process) to learn what you want to know right away


Connect with other members live each week during Office Hours, and at other exclusive Academy events


Check out the roadmap

Our Academy Roadmap has a ton of upcoming cohorts, courses, special Academy events, and more. Some projects are brand new (which we will build together). Other courses that Bodie taught during his time as a Teaching Pastor are being added into the Academy Course Library. Check out the Academy roadmap to see our plan.

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It's bigger than just you

When you confidently know and understand God's Word, your life changes and you can begin to impact the lives of others around you.


Deepen the discussions in your home

equip and Inspire YOur Friends & Family

Share what you are learning online

Help Others
gRASP the fundamentals

Equip others
to know and Discern Truth

PREPARE others
to learn and Grow

Lead Others
into stronger personal Faith

Women Studying the Bible

you probably have questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions we hear:

What is included with my Academy Membership?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

Everything. Seriously! Your Academy membership is your all-access pass all Courses, Cohorts, Events, Community Discussions, and early access to Podcast Episodes before they get released. We want to give you the best value possible and keep things simple at the same time.

Do you sell your courses or cohorts individually?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

No. We believe that the real learning happens in community, and so even if you are most interested in one of our courses for your own learning, we want you to have a place to discuss what you are learning with others. Besides that, we also want you to have the flexibility to access all of our content, so we feel that it makes the most sense to bundle everything into the Academy membership.

Can you explain what you mean by Cohort, Courses and Community?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

The Academy is a private online space intended to provide you with everything you need in one place. The term "community" refers to the members of the Academy, but really, it's the discussions among members inside our Academy discussion board that creates the real community experience. Courses are recorded lessons made available for you to go through on your own at any time.

A cohort is sort of a blend of the two. Cohorts are like online classrooms where we have a main topic, goal and schedule. We all start at the same time and go through the content together. Cohorts combine the best parts of courses and community: live teaching and community discussions. Once completed, cohorts are archived into the Academy course library and available for reference to anyone, anytime, even if they were not part of the cohort.

How often will the cohorts take place? Where will you start?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

Our hope is to do 3-4 cohorts per year, one per quarter, possibly skipping the summer months. We are trying to strike the balance between way too much and not enough activity for people, and feel that one per quarter is a realistic rhythm. Since the Academy is still young, and the cohorts haven't been created yet, we will have to see how this goes. We will go in order, starting with Cohort 1 Bible Study Fundamentals, up through Cohort 5 United With Christ. Once we go through each one the first time, we will see how the experience was for everyone and determine where to go next.

Will my Membership Price Ever Go Up?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

As long as your membership remains in good status, your founding member rate is locked in for as long as you choose to be a member. However, if you cancel your membership and wish to rejoin, you would need to pay whatever the current membership rate is.

Why do you have a limit of 250 members?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

The challenge of online communities is that it's often hard to know who is part of the community and what they need. Most communities have a few very active members and it tapers down from there. By limiting the amount of members, it makes sure I can give each member the attention they deserve.

Is the Academy always open to join?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

After the Founding Membership signup period ends, we will close the doors until Q3 of 2023 (July) when we will open it up again. While I am still building out the cohorts and courses, the Academy will have open/close windows at the beginning of each new quarter. Down the road, I hope to have it open perpetually until we reach our 250 member goal.

Do I have to be a professing Christian to join?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

No, but I do imagine most people will be. However, if you are seeking to understand the fundamentals of the Bible, know that you are not required to profess any particular belief in order to join.

What tools do you use to run the Academy?
Down Pointing Chevron Icon

The Academy runs on Circle, the gold standard platform for online communities today. You can access it through a web browser by logging in on the You Can Learn the Bible homepage or through the Circle iOS or Android App.

Still have questions?

Send us a message! We would love to hear from you.


The You Can Learn the Bible Academy is the community I wanted when I started learning God's Word.

My goal is to reach those who are excited and hungry about learning God's Word, and help take them to the next level on their journey.

If you are ready to make an investment in your faith and knowledge (that will strengthen both you and those around you), then I would love for you to join me as we journey down The Bible Study Success Path together.

May God Bless you as you seek Him more and more!


Bodie Quirk sitting in front of a lovely wall

Ready when you are

Let's get you started on your journey right away

No more feeling lost and confused

No More FrustratED bIBLE rEADING

no more spOTTY biBLE kNOWLEDGE


Person with glasses reading a Bible in a field
Women holding hands and praying at a Bible Study

Deepen your faith

Strengthen your Bible skills

Connect with others

Accelerate YOur progress

Become a more confident student of scripture


Learn the Essentials. Connect with Others. Accelerate Your Progress.