"the unique ability to make thousand-year-old words

come alive"


Approachable. Understandable.

Attractive. Satisfying.


Bible Study can be confusing and overwhelming. It doesn't have to be. We give you the training to help you feel comfortable and confident studying the Bible.


There's a lot to understand in order to learn the Bible well, and it can feel overwhelming. We help you know all the important parts and how they fit together into a single storyline.

"Every time Pastor Bodie preaches/teaches I learn a new concept that I hadn’t realized before and I have been a Christian for over 35 years! He makes the word of God come alive!" - Veronica N.


It's one thing to know what the Bible says, another thing to do what it says, but our goal is for you see its truthfulness and beauty and therefore love to trust and obey it with all your heart


When you are satisfied, you look no further for anything else. We desire for you learn the Bible so your soul may delight in God and that you may find your identity and satisfaction in Him.

August 2020 Site Update:

Hey friends! I am so excited about all that has been going on at YouCanLearntheBible.com. I have written a short post on the blog about some changes coming to the site, as well as a content roadmap. Here is the summary of the main points ('cuz you know, TL;DR):

1) All past content is free 2) All future content will be in two forms: a) A free Mini-Course and b) A paid Full Course. Go to Blog for full update and content roadmap.

- Pastor Bodie August 25, 2020

"He combines the right amount of cross referencing, depth and passion to motivate attentiveness and the desire to learn. He works to leave no one behind. He loops back to his main points enough so the main message is not lost in the details." - David N.

"Pastor Bodie points out the obvious in order to explain the not-so-obvious. He asks the right questions that help pull you into the content. I always leave knowing more than when I came. He is rock-solid, not in search of new revelation but in line with all that has been proven over the centuries." - Tom L.