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You Can Learn the Bible is an online ministry that makes Bible Study easier and more enjoyable by offering concise & approachable resources for those who want more than a sermon, but not quite a seminary.

Get started by downloading The Complete Bible Timeline, a free PDF eBook that distills and summarizes the entire Bible visually, in a single document.

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"It's so hard to make time"

Finding time for God's Word is most likely your biggest challenge right now. Once you begin, then it's hard to know how to make the most of that time.

sound familiar?

"life never seems to slow down"

No matter what you do, it feels like the pace of life never lets up enough to read

"It's so hard to stay consistent"

One time this week. Nothing last week. You feel sporadic and inconsistent at best

"My study time keeps getting pushed aside"

Even when you do set aside time, inevitably something more urgent comes along

"I'M NOT SURE where I SHOULD start"

Once you finally sit down to read, you don't have much of a plan to follow

"I wish i knew the big picture better"

You would love to know how this text fits in with the larger story of the Bible

"jUST tell me what i NEED TO KNOW"

It would help so much to have a guide or summary to use when reading

Bodie has developed the tools and an easy way to help me better understand the Bible in terms of context, history and application for my life.
Brigitte Holmdahl

Brigitte Holmdahl

Irvine, CA

We got you covered

Whether you are just getting started, or you are already familiar with the Bible, You Can Learn the Bible has the tools you need to take your next step.

The Bible Timeline

Free PDF eBook that explains the entire story of the Bible in a single resource

to the Podcast

Distilled Summaries of Bible Books in single episodes using our 7-Part Framework

in the Academy

Private online membership community to accelerate your Bible Study growth

If you want to learn more about the Bible, this is the place to start. Bodie is very thorough, brings plenty of background information to the table and always gives me a lot to think about. His teaching is for everyone.
Bobbie Guice

Bobbie Guice

Orange, CA

Getting started is Easy.

No matter where you are right now, you can learn the Bible. These simple steps will help take you to the next step on your journey.

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Download the FREE bible timeline

Start by dowloading The Complete Bible Timeline PDF eBook. It is a comprehensive, interactive PDF that walks you through the entire story of the Bible in a single, easy-to-follow resource. $19 Free.

Learn the 16 Major Turning Points of the biblical story

Connect the Bible to Historical Time Periods

Understand where each book fits on the timeline

See maps of biblical regions and how they changed

Wow! I have purchased many resources to help me with my goal of understanding the Bible better, however nothing has been as helpful as what you have freely offered on YouTube and the timeline! It is as if I finally found someone who can explain things to me simply in a way that I can remember: graphics, methodical and organized content.
Elisa Węgrzyk

Elisa Węgrzyk

Kraków, Poland


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Every other week we release a new episode of The You Can Learn the Bible Podcast where Joey Rozek and Bodie Quirk summarize a complete book of the Bible in a single episode using our 7-Part framework to equip and inspire you to make the most of your time in God's Word.

Understand and connect each Bible book at a high level

Get a strategic action plan for reading and studying

gain insights and notice connections between books and ideas

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"Bodie and Joey's spirited enthusiasm and depth of knowledge have really increased the joy I get from Bible Study!"
Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin

Orange, CA



For those who really want to accelerate their growth, there is the You Can Learn the Bible Academy: a private, online membership founded on The Bible Study Success Path, which is our long-term vision for your transformation.

Bodie has developed the tools and an easy way to help me better understand the Bible in terms of context, history and application for my life.
Brigitte Holmdahl

Brigitte Holmdahl

Irvine, CA

How it works:

the BIble Study success path (6 essential areas)

We asked ourselves: "What are the absolute essential things someone would need to learn in order to really understand the Bible?"

The Bible Study Success Path was our answer.

gAIN THE PROPER TOOLS and Mindset for learning


How do I form a Bible Study habit? What Bible should I choose? Where should I get started reading? How can I set myself up for success?



How does the larger story of the Bible fit together? What are the most important turning point events? What themes do we see throughout?

Consider Genre, Background & Author's Intent


What are the major differences between Bible genres? What was important at the time of writing? How does this text apply to our lives today?

understand the Impact of  Jesus’ life & ministry


How does the entire Bible point to Jesus? What are the major factors we need to know about his life and ministry? How does he fulfill prophecy?

Unite and Your Life to the Savior and to the Story


How do we experience authentic inward growth and transformation?  How do become more Christlike and live like people who have been set free?

Learn How to Study Each Book with Excellence


What should we know about each of the books of the Bible? Do they all offer something unique? How are they the same or different from the others?


My name is Bodie Quirk. I was a Teaching Pastor at my church for over 20 years before stepping down to focus on building You Can Learn the Bible full time.

I did not grow up reading the Bible.

I came to faith in Christ during college and knew basically nothing about the Bible. I read. I studied. I went to countless home Bible Studies. I couldn't get enough.

Although many people taught me God's Word, nobody showed me how it all fit together. I had to figure that out on my own. Now, I want to share everything I have learned with you.

You Can Learn the Bible is my way of distilling and organizing everything I know about the Bible down to the key essentials, and then delivering them to you. I want to help maximize your growth in minimum time.

Nothing will change your life more than knowing and loving God's Word deeply, and I want to help you get there.
I truly believe you can learn, and love, the Bible.

Bodie Quirk sitting in front of a lovely wall


Bodie has received some encouraging feedback about his Bible teaching, both from people he taught at his church, as well as those who found him on YouTube.

Your teaching has been extremely helpful for me! Since I discovered your YouTube channel, my Bible study has plunged to new depths, soared to new heights, and surged to new breadths. Thank you so much!
Teresa Tarver

Teresa Tarver

Cypress, TX

Pastor Bodie is well educated and informative without being pretentious. I love his down-to-earth ability to teach the word. He brings the pages of the Bible to life.
Bob Lilley

Bob Lilley

Anaheim, CA

These videos are awesome!  I homeschool and your videos have added so much to our class. Since we are trying to keep up with a timeline, we love how you use a timeline in the videos. Just wanted to thank you!!!!!
Carrie Knight

Carrie Knight

YouTube Subscriber "Good Knight Dachshunds"

Bodie has helped bring clarity and fresh perspective to my understanding of Biblical theology: Seeing the Bible as the integrated vibrant beautiful living Word of God.
Gino Natividad

Gino Natividad

Orange, CA

Thank for what you are doing. You are making this easy to understand for someone new to the faith, or need to get consistently into the word. You stay on point, make it exciting to go the next phase of understanding. God bless you!
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Gordon Bowler

YouTube Subscriber

Simple and very organized technique of teaching. He teaches in plain English and makes it easier to understand. My highest recommendation. It's so much easier to learn and apply the scriptures through Pastor Bodie's style of teaching.
Kevin Holmdahl

Kevin Holmdahl

Irvine, CA

He combines the right amount of cross referencing, depth and passion to motivate attentiveness and the desire to learn. He works to leave no one behind. He loops back to his main points enough so the main message is not lost in the details.
David Natividad

David Natividad

Orange, CA

He is prepared, enthusiastic, and down to earth. He’s like your favorite teacher. But instead of learning math, English, or science you are learning the wonder and mystery of God’s Word.
Mark Stark

Mark Stark

Orange, CA

Bodie gives insight into the cultural context of the passages we are studying. This helps things to come alive and make more sense. His respect for and excitement about what he's teaching is evident and contagious.
Kristen Duran

Kristen Duran

Orange, CA

Ready when you are.

If you are ready to begin making real progress on your Bible literacy journey,
we are here to help you.

The Bible Timeline

Free PDF eBook that explains the entire story of the Bible in a single resource

to the Podcast

Distilled Summaries of Bible Books in single episodes using our 7-Part Framework

in the Academy

Private online membership community to accelerate your Bible Study growth