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Coming Soon: The Bible Success Playbook is a free, 7-Day email course that contains everything you need for success in Bible study, distilled down to the key essentials, and organized into one easy-to-follow email course.


Learn Skills and Best Practices for Bible Study Success

unlock How to Correctly Apply Any Passage to Your Life

discover How Your Life Fits Within God's Eternal Purpose

understand How Skillful Bible Study Can Transform Your Life

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Learn the

what matters

Deepen Your

yoUR Faith

"The struggle is real"

Bible Study is awesome, but it's also tough. It's hard to make the time in our busy lives, and it's hard to know if we're making the most of that time.

Is this you?

"I really want to grow in my faith"

You wouldn't be here if you didn't care, but you still aren't satisfied with where you are

"It feels like there's never enough time "

Studying God's Word always seems to get squeezed out of your schedule

"I feel guilty when I get distracted "

You finally made the time, but got pulled into something else and that time vanished

"I'M NOT SURE where I SHOULD start"

Once you finally sit down to read, you don't have much of a plan to follow

"My faith isn't growing how I'd hoped"

It feels like you should be further along by now, but you just aren't

"i wish I could find others like me "

If only there were people who could hold you accountable and keep you on track

There's a better way.

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Here's how we can help

You Can Learn the Bible trains eager Bible students to understand and delight in God's Word using The Bible Study Success Path.

what we recommend:


Learn the Essentials of Bible study success

Start with our free email course for Bible students, The Bible Success Playbook, which lays out everything you need to know to start making serious progress in your Bible journey


Get Distilled Summaries of Each Bible Book

Check out the You Can Learn the Bible Podcast, where we summarize complete Bible books in single episodes. Each episode will equip and inspire you to better understand a book of the Bible


Accelerate YOur growth in community

When you are ready to take your skills to the next level, there is the You Can Learn the Bible Academy: our private membership community dedicated to your growth and transformation

Getting started is Easy.

We're here to help you succeed. Our free email course, The Bible Success Playbook, gives you all the essentials you need to get going right away

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The Bible Success Playbook teaches you the essential foundations of Bible Study to help you sharpen your Bible skills, and accelerate your progress (regardless of your experience or background)


Learn the foundations with the email course


Why Skillful Bible Study Will Transform Your Life Forever

How to Set Yourself Up for Long-Term Bible Study Success

Your Life for God's Plan: The Full Story of the Bible (So Far)

How to Make The Most of Every Minute You Spend in Scripture

Jesus is the Center of All: What That Means & Why it Matters

Why Union with Christ is the Source of Real, Lasting Life Change

Why These Books? A Simple Introduction to the Bible's 66 Books

"If you want to learn more about the Bible, the essentials are laid out in a way anyone can understand. This is for everyone."
Bobbie Guice

Bobbie Guice

Orange, CA


Unlock each Book through the Podcast

Every other week we release a new episode of the You Can Learn the Bible Podcast, where Joey Rozek and Bodie Quirk summarize a complete book of the Bible in a single episode using our 7-Part framework to equip and inspire you to make the most of your time in God's Word.

Understand and connect each Bible book at a high level

Get a strategic action plan for reading and studying

gain insights and notice connections between books and ideas

download a PDF summary to use as a Bible study guide

Latest Episode:

"Bodie and Joey's spirited enthusiasm and depth of knowledge have really increased the joy I get from Bible Study!"
Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin

Orange, CA


Strengthen your Bible skILLS inside the academy

When you are ready to take your skills and knowledge to the next level, consider joining the You Can Learn the Bible Academy.

Whether you're seeking to improve your Bible Study Skills, or your Teaching Skills, the Academy is here to equip, support and encourage you to grow and succeed in what God has called you to do.

Office Hours

Every Wednesday from 12-1pm PST we host a live call where you can ask any question or discuss any topic

Course Library

Miss a live workshop? Rewatch it! As well as our growing archive of online courses (exclusive to members)

You Can Learn the Bible Academy Poster Image

Monthly Live Workshops

On the last Friday of each month, we offer a live workshop for Academy members on our top-voted topic


Post a question, topic, or anything else in our discussion forum and get insights from other members

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The You Can Learn the Bible Academy has dramatically enhanced my comprehension of the Bible. Bodie's exceptional ability to illuminate complex topics ensures that members learn and gain practical ways to apply their newfound knowledge. This academy is perfect for individuals seeking to enrich their spiritual journey.
Todd Thornton

Todd Thornton

Bowling Green, KY

How it works:

the BIble Study success path (6 essential areas)

We asked ourselves: "What are the absolute essential things someone would need to learn in order to really understand the Bible?"

The Bible Study Success Path was our answer.

gAIN THE PROPER TOOLS and Mindset for learning


How do I form a Bible Study habit? What Bible should I choose? Where should I get started reading? How can I set myself up for success?



How does the larger story of the Bible fit together? What are the most important turning point events? What themes do we see throughout?

Consider Genre, Background, & Author's Intent


What are the major differences between Bible genres? What was important at the time of writing? How does this text apply to our lives today?

understand the Impact of  Jesus’ life & ministry


How does the entire Bible point to Jesus? What are the major factors we need to know about his life and ministry? How does he fulfill prophecy?

Unite Your Life to the Savior and to the Story


How do we experience authentic inward growth and transformation?  How do we become more Christlike and live like people who have been set free?

Learn How to Study Each Book with Excellence


What should we know about each of the books of the Bible? Do they all offer something unique? How are they the same or different from the others?

The academy is where we walk  the success path step-by-step. together.

Open Bible on Table with Man's Folded Hands


Here are some of the questions we think you might be wondering about:

What's included with Academy membership?

Everything. Seriously! Your Academy membership is your all-access pass to all Courses, Workshops, Live Events, and Community Discussions. Members get early access to Podcast Episodes before they get released, post new discussion topics in the community, and submit topics for future Live Workshops.

Do you sell workshops individually?

We are in the midst of setting up an online store for individual purchases of Bible workshops and resources. It's not quite ready yet, but it's coming soon.

Do I have to be a professing Christian to join?

Most likely, members of the Academy will be committed followers of Christ, but we don't have any faith requirements for membership. Anyone is free to join and remain as long as they abide by our code of conduct. If you are seeking to learn the Bible, but don't consider yourself a Christian, you are welcome to join (and we would love to have you!).

Will my Membership price ever go up?

For those on the annual plan, you lock in your rate for life as long as you keep your membership in good standing. When the Academy price goes up in the future, your price stays the same. For those on the quarterly plan, everyone pays the current rate, regardless of how long your membership has been active.

Is the Academy always open to join?

Yes! As we begin to offer more workshops, courses, and resources, the price will increase, but anyone can join at any time. Some communities offer open and close windows, but we believe you should be able to join when you are ready, not when we are.

What tools and platforms does the Academy run on?

The Academy runs on Circle, the gold standard platform for online communities today. You can access it through a web browser by logging in on the You Can Learn the Bible homepage or through the Circle iOS or Android App.

are you ready?

Let's take your Bible skills to the next level.


My name is Bodie Quirk. I was a Teaching Pastor at my church for over 20 years before stepping down to focus on building You Can Learn the Bible full time.

I did not grow up reading the Bible.

I came to faith in Christ during college and knew basically nothing about the Bible. I read. I studied. I went to countless home Bible Studies. I couldn't get enough.

Although many people taught me God's Word, nobody showed me how it all fit together. I had to figure that out on my own. Now, I want to share everything I have learned with you.

You Can Learn the Bible is my way of distilling and organizing everything I know about the Bible down to the key essentials, and then delivering them to you. I want to help maximize your growth in minimum time.

Nothing will change your life more than knowing and loving God's Word deeply, and I want to help you get there.
I truly believe you can learn, and love, the Bible.

Bodie Quirk sitting in front of a lovely wall


Bodie has received some encouraging feedback about his Bible teaching, both from people he taught at his church, as well as those who found him on YouTube.

Your teaching has been extremely helpful for me! Since I discovered your YouTube channel, my Bible study has plunged to new depths, soared to new heights, and surged to new breadths. Thank you so much!
Teresa Tarver

Teresa Tarver

Cypress, TX

Pastor Bodie is well educated and informative without being pretentious. I love his down-to-earth ability to teach the word. He brings the pages of the Bible to life.
Bob Lilley

Bob Lilley

Anaheim, CA

These videos are awesome!  I homeschool and your videos have added so much to our class. Since we are trying to keep up with a timeline, we love how you use a timeline in the videos. Just wanted to thank you!!!!!
Carrie Knight

Carrie Knight

YouTube Subscriber "Good Knight Dachshunds"

Bodie has helped bring clarity and fresh perspective to my understanding of Biblical theology: Seeing the Bible as the integrated vibrant beautiful living Word of God.
Gino Natividad

Gino Natividad

Orange, CA

Thank for what you are doing. You are making this easy to understand for someone new to the faith, or need to get consistently into the word. You stay on point, make it exciting to go the next phase of understanding. God bless you!
YouTube Icon

Gordon Bowler

YouTube Subscriber

Simple and very organized technique of teaching. He teaches in plain English and makes it easier to understand. My highest recommendation. It's so much easier to learn and apply the scriptures through Pastor Bodie's style of teaching.
Kevin Holmdahl

Kevin Holmdahl

Irvine, CA

He combines the right amount of cross referencing, depth and passion to motivate attentiveness and the desire to learn. He works to leave no one behind. He loops back to his main points enough so the main message is not lost in the details.
David Natividad

David Natividad

Orange, CA

He is prepared, enthusiastic, and down to earth. He’s like your favorite teacher. But instead of learning math, English, or science you are learning the wonder and mystery of God’s Word.
Mark Stark

Mark Stark

Orange, CA

Bodie gives insight into the cultural context of the passages we are studying. This helps things to come alive and make more sense. His respect for and excitement about what he's teaching is evident and contagious.
Kristen Duran

Kristen Duran

Orange, CA

Ready when you are.

If you are ready to begin making real progress on your Bible literacy journey,
we are here to help you.

No more feeling lost and confused

No More FrustratED bIBLE rEADING

no more spOTTY biBLE kNOWLEDGE


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