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Why does it sometimes ask for my login info twice?

First off, relax. You did nothing wrong. Things are good. You Can Learn the Bible uses two different platforms to operate, which means you need your own account on both platforms. When you login on the main website ( you are first logging into your "Main" You Can Learn the Bible Account. This "Main" account is where your billing and subscription info is stored securely.

The second platform is where the Academy lives (, and is powered by a different platform is called Circle. We have connected the two platforms together so that when you log into your "Main" account, it also logs you into your "Academy" account automatically, and takes you into the Academy (

However, If you are being asked for your login a second time, this is due to security reasons. It means that the system needs to refresh the connection between your "Main" account and your "Academy" account. Hopefully this doesn't happen very often, but it is keep both of your accounts secure.

Where can I see my Billing and Subscription info? Can I change it myself?

You can change your billing information anytime. Here is the link to do that. In the left sidebar of the Academy you will also see a "Links" section at the bottom. Click the link that says "My Account and Billing" to go there, as well.

Where can I go to get the Circle Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Here is the App Store link to download the iOS App for iPhone and iPad. Here is the Google Play Store Link to download the Android version.

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