None Like Him

Master the Essentials of Jesus' Life, Ministry and Impact in 4 Weeks

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Objective, MODULES & Lessons

Jesus of Nazareth is the most unique and extraordinary person that has ever lived. This cohort teaches you all about his life and ministry in 4 phases: The Anticipation & His Arrival, His Public and Private Ministry, Passion Week and Glorification and His Worldwide Impact and It's Application. Learn the key parts of Jesus' life and how his life changes everything.

Module 1
Anticipation & Arrival
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  • Messianic Prophecies from the Old Testament
  • Jewish Expectations of the Messiah
  • Understanding the Miraculous Birth of Christ
  • The Early Years of Jesus' Life
Module 2
Public & Private Ministry
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  • Jesus' Baptism & Temptation
  • Galilean Ministry
  • Judean Ministry
  • Ministry to the Disciples
Module 3
Passion Week & Glorification
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  • Triumphal Entry and Last Supper
  • Arrest, Trial, Flogging & Crucifixion
  • Burial & Resurrection
  • Ascension & Glorification
Module 4
Impact & Application
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  • The Essential Role of the New Testament
  • Justification and Sanctification
  • Church Membership & Transformation
  • New Identity, Meaning & Purpose

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