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Master the Story of the Bible in 4 Weeks

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Objective, MODULES & Lessons

If you can learn the story and the major turning points, your understanding of the Bible will skyrocket. This cohort takes the story of the Bible and breaks into 4 phases: From Creation to Abraham, From Abraham to Solomon, The Split to the Roman Empire, and From Jesus to Revelation. Once you learn they key parts of these 4 phases of history, your Bible literacy will skyrocket.

Module 1
Creation to Abraham
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  • God & the Creation Order
  • The Creation and Fall of Man
  • The Flood & the New Beginning
  • The Call of Abraham
Module 2
Abraham to Solomon
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  • The Patriarchs
  • Exodus & Conquest
  • Tribes, Cycle & Judges
  • The Nation of Israel
Module 3
The Split to the Empire
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  • The Nation Splits (and the Prophets Arise)
  • Dispersion & Exile
  • Returning, Rebuilding, Restoring
  • The Inter-Testamental Period
Module 4
Jesus to Revelation
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  • The Messiah Has Come
  • The Early Church
  • The New Testament Witness
  • The Church: Past, Present & Future

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