Bible Study Fundamentals

Master the Foundations of Bible Study in 4 Weeks

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Objective, MODULES & Lessons

What makes the Bible an authority? Why these books? What mindset and habits should we have? These are the types of questions we will tackle together in Cohort 1 to help equip you to become a more confident and competent student of scripture.

Module 1
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  • What is the Bible?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Why Should we Read it?
Module 2
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  • What books make up the Bible?
  • Why were these books chosen?
  • Why were other books excluded?
Module 3
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  • What kind of attitude should we approach Bible Study?
  • What Kind of Expectations should we have when we read?
Module 4
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  • How do we arrange our lives to make the most of our time in God’s Word?
  • What practical skills, tools and tactics can help integrate Bible time into our lives every day?

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